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Oostende is first finalist in Euromillions Basketball League after the second victory against Aalstar

BC Oostende has Friday at the expense of Okapi Aalstar placed for the final of the Euromillions Basketball League. In the second semi-final (best of 3) won in Aalst with 64-80. The heenwedstrijd ended Friday at 82-60 in favor of Ostend.

Aalstar was able to rest more or less equal to that of Sunday, as it was 40-42 after 20 minutes of basketball. Then it was Ostend, and that for a seventh championship title in a row, the difference with a 16-25 quarter. The largest luminary in the kustploeg was Dusan Djordjevic with 19 points and 6 assists. In Aalst, was the American Andrew Chrabascz the sterkhouder with 19 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists.

In the other semi-final, the 1-0 Antwerp Giants, against Charleroi. It was Saturday, 90-80. The second contest is Monday. The first final match (best of 5) on 9 June.

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