Kobe Ilsen candidly about his greatest trauma

Who is Sunday morning between 10 and 12 hours to Joe listened, could in the program of Kris Wauters the way of Kobe Ilsen to listen to. Kobe, who in the beginning of 80’s was born, has a broad musical taste. And in quite a few songs, hear a story, not every story is equally beautiful.

“I recognized me right away in the song A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash”, began Kobe his story to Kris. “It’s about a boy who, by his father, Sue is called. A girl’s name. The son tells you that you can beat in life and that it is a shame is that his father him so. But at the end of the song, and I think that is a wonderful twist, thanks to the son his father and says that he therefore has to learn to fight in life and someone to become. I too have a vaderissue, an absent father in my youth. I’m always very angry with him. I found him a coward. But gradually, and also by that number, I realize that somewhere, perhaps a gift, because you learn only, and you learn to fight and you learn that it is not always easy. So I recognize much of myself in the song. It goes right to perhaps my biggest trauma, and that’s why I think the text is so incredible.”

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