Humberto starts to last week Late Night

Humberto Tan begins his last week on RTL Late Night. After five seasons and more than a thousand episodes must Humberto Friday to say goodbye to the talk show.

Humberto Tan

Humberto was the beginning of this year to hear that RTL no longer looks like the face of the latenighttalkshow. “I’m going to stop with RTL Late Night. That is not at their own request, that is, at the request of the leadership of RTL 4”, Humberto his departure in February, known. “I’m not with that decision again, I respect that decision.”

RTL was the successor of Humberto quickly known: Twan Huys is from september in the talk show. He gets the job RTL Late Night journalistieker. Huys was 25 years presenter at the public broadcaster, at the end of april and talked he for the last Nieuwsuur to each other.


The departure of Humberto will not silently pass. In his last five episodes, it is the presenter completely surprised. “A quarter of an hour for the broadcast, I come inside, I sit and then I see who there are,” he said earlier on 538. Also told Humberto when sense, in his last broadcast.

Despite its forced end in RTL Late Night decided to Humberto RTL to remain faithful. Last week extended his contract by three years. Humberto is going to new programs to develop and take other presentatieklussen for his account. So is he the new face of the talent show Holland’s Got Talent, in which Paul de Leeuw as member of the jury joins him, and he presents dance show Dance Dance Dance.


Humberto gets in his last week RTL Late Night have to deal with stiff competition. Eva home cooked apple pie begins on Monday, with her talk show. In the first week slide, among others, princess Laurentien, minister of Hugo, the Young and the VI-trio Johan Derksen, René van der Jibe and Wilfred Genee in home cooked apple pie.

“This is of course a special season for me”, said Eve, who later this year with her first child expected. “Turns up very pregnant a latenighttalkshow present it seems to me, in all respects, a unique experience. I am looking forward very much to this together with my guests to experience. And I can now get to the full truth to say that we are ready for it.”

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