How did the hits for the Love of Music?

Ice Queen, Turn The Tide, Not An Addict, Test of Time: these are but a few of the monsterhits which, in recent weeks, a new interpretation had Love for Music. With success, because every week voted nearly 800,000 viewers, good for 35.8% of market share (VVA 18-54, live +delayed), to the musical adventure. That is also reflected in the charts, where the Love for Music-hits still strongly represented. On Monday 4 June, the artists one last time to get started. In the best or episode they show how their hits came to be and is not seen footage reflected on the best moments.

“Rehearsals are for me a craft: hard work and, like a sculpture things chipping away until the essence remains,” says Jasper Steverlinck. He talks about his doubts to Ice Queen to cover and the approach to the sensitive Time of Niels Destadsbader under our hands. Niels himself fills in the autumn 2 Sportpaleizen, an idea that may have arisen in the writing of his cover Paradise. “What rhymes with Paradise? Sportpaleis? Ticket price?”, sounds during the rehearsal. Niels brings also his biggest hit of the past few weeks: Conquer Me.

Sharon den Adel works during the rehearsals closely together with her partner Robert. “I got together with him, Within Temptation was founded. He has the numbers arranged and the first opzetjes that the group were worked out. Robert was so very closely involved.” For Cocojr. was Love for Music a chance to his broad musical taste to showcase. A touch of dance into Someone To Say Hi To a new wave in Love Don’t Come Easy. And also Silvy explained to a diverse course. She looks back on her frivolous cover of the dancenummer In And Out of Love and the dance version of the legendary Not An Addict. “I wanted that song per se,” light them. “I’ve grown up with it and sang it always. I was happy and proud that I made this for Sarah and Gert was allowed to sing.”

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