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EOS: price rises sharply, record ICO-sum of collected and new partnership

The price of the EOS is increased due to the Releases of EOSIO 1.0, and a new collaboration as well as funding for the EOS Ecosystem within the last 24 hours. In addition, the ICO has ended with a record result.

Yesterday known given that successful the Version EOSIO was 1.0 released, and since then, live. The Chinese safety hunter take, Qihoo 360 had to run a few days ago that it had discovered, allegedly, a “epic security flaw”. The developers of the EOS responded promptly with a public response to it, and calmed the Community, since they have already “solved some problems”.

Regardless of the Versoin EOSIO 1.0 to be fully functional, with no guarantee is given that everything works as specified, and the Code is free of errors or Bugs.

Furthermore, the ICO of the EOS is finished and was able to collect a never-before-seen record-breaking sum of over 4 billion dollars. The Crowdsale was launched last year at the 26.06.2018 and lasted almost a whole year.

For the rate of growth, a new partnership with GRE Crypto is likely to be responsible, the yesterday on the company blog, it was confirmed. and SVK Crypto want to put together more than 50 million US dollars for the EOS Virtual Capital [VC] Initiative, to the development of the EOSIO-Blockchain-promoting Ecosystem.

Hugh Cochrane and Shane Kehoe will be led by SVK Crypto as head of the Fund management team. Both have more than 25 years of experience in investments for technology companies and Start-up are still in a beginner stage, as is also the case of EOS the case.

The financial resources used for the development of distributed applications [dApps], created in the EOSIO-Blockchain. These dApps can be used for functions such as data ownership, data control, technology platforms, logistics, supply chains, and on Social Media platforms.

The price of EOS has risen within the last 24 to 13,82%, and stands at the time of writing in the case of 12.70 Euro and a corresponding market capitalization of 11.3 billion euros. To EOS currencies still occupies space 5 of the greatest Crypto in the world.

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