‘Assad plant visit to Kim Jong-un’

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad wants to go visit to North Korea and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un meet. That considers at least the official North Korean news agency.

KCNA spread the message that the Syrian president’s credentials has received from Mun Jong Nam, the man who, since the 30th of may as the ambassador of North Korea in Damascus. “I’m going to North Korea to visit Kim Jong-un to meet’, so is Assad, as quoted in a brief message that reading is on the English website of KCNA and picked up by media worldwide.

This would Assad have referred to the historical ties between the two nations. Hafez al-Assad, predecessor and father of Bashar, met at Kim Il-sung, the grandfather of the current Kim, and since his death in 1994, will officially function as the ‘eternal president of the republic’.

KCNA cites another congratulations from Assad for the ” extraordinary political caliber and wise leadership’ of Kim Jong-un recently displayed in healing.

Syria does not confirm

The desire of Assad to press the coffee to go in Pyongyang, only by North Korean media reported. From Syria, the travel plans are not yet confirmed.

Both countries have historically strong military ties. According to a UN report from earlier this year provides North-Korea, for example, in addition to conventional weapons, materials for chemical weapons to the war-torn Syria.

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