Again, deaths from the ongoing violence in Nicaragua

MANAGUA – After weeks of protests against the government’s violence in Nicaragua further escalated. Saturday (local time), according to local media, five people killed, including one American citizen.

The Central American state is already weeks rocked by violent protests. According to human rights organisations are already more than a hundred people to the life to come. The police speaks of the 39 dead.

Regeringsbewind of Daniel of Ortega

The demonstrators demand the resignation of the socialist head of state Daniel of Ortega, who since 2007 is in power. Ortega is accused of an authoritarian regeringsbewind. The protests were originally the result of a planned increase in social security contributions in mid-april. Now demands of the demonstrators, the resignation of Ortega and the termination of the repression and press censorship. Ortega rejects all the accusations.

The American ambassador in Managua confirmed the death of its countryman. According to local media, the 48-year-old in a bar in Managua and night he was by the criminals killed. According to the human rights organization ANPDH came the four others to life in nightly riots in the city of Masaya, about 25 kilometers east of Managua.

Victim by police killed

The chairman of the ANPDH said that a victim by the police officer was executed: ,,They shot two times from close,” he said. A few days ago, according to the organization, more than eleven protesters killed in clashes with the police.

UN secretary-general António Guterres condemned the violence. The UN ask Ortega to a representative of the High Commissioner for human Rights of the UN in the country, according to a spokesman.

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