This Is the evidence that Bella Hadid real together again with The Weeknd?

Bella Hadid has, until now all the rumors denied that she has a relationship with The Weeknd, but photos of a lunch in Paris seem to be really to confirm that the two are at least very nice to have together.

Bella Hadid eating lunch in Paris with The Weeknd, to confirm a photographer’s Vantage News

On the images are the two to be seen on a terrace where they together what to eat. The look that Bella him toewerpt, seems significant. And not only are there photos, also shared The Weeknd a video on his Insta Stories, in which the voice of Bella Hadid to hear it seems. Really good to understand it is not, but the caption claims that she asks him to a movie take of ’the bubbles’.

The video was also shared on a specially created Instagramaccount that all the images of the two sniffs and continues. This was also a picture of the two to see which The The Weeknd of roses in his hand. Betrayed Bella is this? In the same day posted it on her own Instagram a photo of himself with a rose in her hand and a rose between her lips. For their fans it is in any case convincing enough: that roses she got from The Weeknd, and the two form a liefdeskoppeltje.

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