The Quiz kept Paul de Leeuw at BNNVARA

The program The Quiz held Paul de Leeuw in recent years on board BNNVARA. As long as the broadcaster went on with The Quiz remained Paul the Lion, the broadcaster allegiance, he told Friday at the table with RTL Late Night.

Paul de Leeuw

“As long as The Quiz would be, I would join the VARA remain. That was my baby. But The Quiz stopped. Then you come in a kind of unpredictability: What can I do? I didn’t see a new program coming in which I still would play a role”, said the presenter, who Friday announced after the summer to say goodbye to the public broadcaster where he has 28 years worked. He follows next year January Gordon as a member of the jury of Holland’s Got Talent, the show that Humberto Tan to present.

“There are many programs in public broadcasting that I like, such as all of Holland Bakes and Maestro, but that are programs that BNNVARA not. What do I want? Then came Holland’s Got Talent. Now they say: you do not want a personality program where you are good at: improvisation, people laugh, people move with music or with desire. Then I start thinking and I decided: yes, I’m going to just do it.”


It played with them, told Paul, that he has no contract had at BNNVARA. “I am not the most popular and the most hot. I had no contract more. It took longer and longer, there were directiewisselingen and there happened very little. Moreover, it is a whimsical landscape and the public service broadcaster, significantly cutting down on entertainment. I am therefore going to move and see if there is something to it. At Holland’s Got Talent, I can have a good role to play as member of the jury.”

The Lion is called the transition very scary. “You need acidification to prevent yourself. And I got so much energy for new things. I earn more than in public broadcasting. Of course that is fine. But that is not the real reason.” Paul hopes that he is for the NTR annual program Knot in your handkerchief-gala may remain present.

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