Natalia celebrates with Rihanna carnival in Barbados

Natalia celebrates with Rihanna carnival in Barbados

Natalia has some huge busy months behind us. From one performance to the other. But singing is my language, my way to express myself, says Natalia in Nina, so even though it was busy, it was really enjoy. However, Natalia admits that she, after a tour as ‘pert total. Luckily, she can afterwards go and relax with a surf holiday in Barbados in order to charge the batteries at a new peak in the autumn. Then again there is a lot on the planning.

The rest she interrupted with fun to have a quick look in the studio to dive to a world cup song for our Red Devils. Natalia is very happy with ‘Hear That Sound’, the result, but watching football can find them sometimes difficult. Natalia takes the Red Devils great, and will be their world cup match is sure to follow in front of the television with a beer in the neighborhood, but if the exciting is she can’t stay seated. Then she goes too much in…

During the summer months they will primarily work behind the scenes at the preparations for her new tour with Jef Neve and of course there should be a new album prepped. And then you still have that big show in the Lotto Arena. Idol 2003 meant a major breakthrough for Natalia, and that means that the Kempische diva 15 this year on the shelves. Fifteen years of marriage is crystal so Natalia on november 2, The Crystal Concert in the Lotto Arena. How she looks after all these years back on Idol?

Natalia tells Nina that they have nothing but good memories come from Idol and the success that resulting. “Everything was new. I liked everything and said everything, yes.” Sorry they didn’t. “I went to occur, drove from here to over there, went without make-up on stage, dressed for me to get between the cow dung, cleared after each performance, my sweat, raprap with a washcloth under my arms, and hop, again the job on to the next gig.” And yet: keitof, says Natalia. But how has the fame Natalia as a person changed?

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