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Litecoin: a New payment solution for merchants by Aliant Payment

After the cooperation with LitePay on ice, was able to find the Litecoin Foundation has a new Partner. Aliant Payments and the Litecoin Foundation have officially announced that they want to offer a complete solution for merchants to process payments with Litecoin.

The hoped-for Litecoin-adaptation due to the cooperation with LitePay is unfortunately failed because there was no working solution for the traders. In a re-starting it, however, with the new Partner, Aliant Payments flaps, which are entered into a future partnership with the Litecoin Foundation.

Charliee Lee, founder of Litecoin, sees a great opportunity in this cooperation, the proliferation of Litecoin.

This should not be only Online payments, but also payments to the physical client terminal:

The Litecoin Foundation is pleased to partner with Aliant Payment Systems for Litecoin payment processing. Aliant offers a well-rounded solution for merchants to accept Litecoin easily with physical point of sales terminal (via Poynt), virtual sales terminal, and custom API integration.

The cooperation stipulates that retailers can offer their customers payments in Litecoin. As soon as the merchants receive a payment with Litecoin, it can be immediately converted into Fiat money to suffer and thus no disadvantages due to the fluctuations in the crypto-currencies.

Due to the current market situation, this headline shows no influence on the price of Litecoin. It remains to be seen, when the crypto market from the current downward trend can solve.

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