Gert and James save the furniture at FOUR

The tv season is over. In SBS they just received stock and they pronounce it the best spring ever. With an average market share of 20.1% on VVA 18-54 (jan – may) did the stations FOUR, FIVE and SIX together never-before-better. Also knew SBS this spring, and as the only zendergroep in Flanders strong growth. For comparison: the spring of 2017 was good for an average market share of 18.4% on VVA 18-54. However, we need a firm noted. The market share was by some programs that are quite inflated, as Gert Late Night and The Mol. But remarkably, a lot of titles performed far below the size. Nieuwsjagers, ’t is Done, Karen Makes A Plate, The Boxy, Ex-Gangster, Bartel In the Wild… took far from the intended 20 percent in primetime.

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