G7 countries expressing criticism on import duties USA

WHISTLER – The United States have still a few days to a trade war with their allies, to prevent. That said, the French minister Bruno Le Maire (Finance) after a meeting of ministers from the seven largest industrialized nations, the G7, in Canada.

Bruno Le Maire

“We still have a few days to complete the necessary steps to convert to a trade war between the EU and the U.S. to prevent, and to a trade war to occur between G7 members,” said Le Maire against reporters. He said that the American government is the conflict over the import duties to de-escalate.

The ministers, though in a final the US on the fingers. The American minister Steven Mnuchin (Finance) received the request, the “unanimously shared concerns and disappointment” of the countries. Le Maire talked about a “tense and serious” meeting. “I would say it’s more of a G6, plus 1 was a G7.”

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