FIFA approves two candidates for organisation, world cup 2026 good

The wereldvoetbalbond FIFA has the two candidates for the organisation of the world cup in 2026, approved. Both Morocco and the combined ‘bid’ of the United States, Canada and Mexico meets the minimum requirements.

The members of the FIFA select on June 13, during the congress in Moscow, a day before the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia, where the global tournament in eight years.

Inspectors from FIFA visited the past few months, Morocco and the three American countries that together form the world cup to organize. For the tournament in 2026, the field expanded from 32 to 48 countries.

The ‘bid’ of the United States, Canada, and Mexico scored high on the key points that have been investigated is significantly better than Morocco. To a world CHAMPIONSHIP in the North African country stick to significantly more risks, conclude the FIFA inspectors.


As Morocco has not only stadium that currently meets all our requirements. The United States, Canada and Mexico together already, as much as seventeen stadiums which are ready.

The wereldvoetbalbond makes on the other hand, some concerns about the support of the Moroccan government, while, with the American pray, however, some doubts about.

The United States, Canada and Mexico in its evaluation report, which on a number of criteria points will be awarded, a score of 4 to a maximum of 5. Morocco comes to 2.7. A score of 2 was required to participate.


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