Downed Russian pilot after thirty years found… alive

Amsterdam – A Russian pilot who in 1987 over Afghanistan was shot down and since then was specified, seems still to live and wants to go back to Mother Russia.

For nearly a decade, fought Afghan rebels with the large Sovietleger. In addition, they took more than 100 devices down.

The reports the news agency AFP. The news would be announced by Valery Vostrotnin, the head of the Russian parachutistenvakbond. Vostrotin wanted the name of the pilot because of privacy, not release.

The plane the man was in 1987 from the air shot. Since that was missing from him any sign of life. According to the newspaper Kommersant, it must then to Sergei Pantelyuk from the southern Russian region of Rostov. The newspaper obsolete that in 1987 only one Sovjetpiloot was shot…

Vyacheslav Kalinin, head of the veteranenorganisatie ‘Battle Brotherhood’, suggesting that the pilot wants to go home and come back, and in Pakistan. Afghanistan had anything more gevangenenkampen.

The mother and sister of the recovered pilot would still be alive, and the Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda urged the now 31-year-old daughter of the man. She was a few months before the loss of her father was born.

The Russian occupation of Afghanistan lasted all together about ten years. In that period, some 125 Russian aircraft shot down. Since the Russians withdrew, are about thirty missing affected soldiers recovered. Most of them have returned home, but not all, found soviet soldiers want to go home. Bakhretdin Khakimov chose, for example, in Afghanistan to continue. He was seriously wounded, was by local people are well cared for and converted to islam.

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