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Dentacoin: Using the Blockchain to more dental health

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The Dentacoin is a crypto currency that was developed for the dental industry. In the long run, not only the payment should be facilitated, but the dental health and dental professionals, hospitals and patients worldwide.

The Dentacoin Token is a ERC20 Token (DCN) which can be used by all people in the world. He serves on the platform as a currency for the exchange of products and services to the dental sector.

Dentacoin is currencies in any competitive relationship to other Crypto. He is alone in the global dental industry. Behind the project is the Dentacoin Foundation from the Netherlands. The founder of the project, Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrakiev.

With DCN as a means of payment cross-border transactions will be simplified by banks are eliminated as an Intermediary. Dentists and patients, thus saving not only time but also cost. Continue to be sustainably influence the global dental health: the reduction of treatment costs and on the other hand, through the dissemination of dental knowledge about a time, always expanding group of users.

The aim is to bring more and more dentists and patients on the platform. The platform does not provide a rating system for dentists with a high level of transparency, which is through the Blockchain be manipulated or changed. The patients have a glimpse of the reviews of the dentists, and can decide on the basis of this data for a doctor.

Furthermore, patients can share their experiences by rating a doctor. For this they receive from the Community is a small reward in the Form of DCN. The data of the system are permanently stored in the Blockchain. Dentacoin hopes to be able to also the market research in the field of dentistry.

Many Blockchain-based functions, such as patient databases, insurance, a marketplace for dental products, and dental care Apps are being developed or have been implemented. So the developers want to ensure that a long-term positive development of international dental medical care setting. Members of the Community who develop these or other useful Tools, to be rewarded for the value added to the also with DCN.

Whether the Dentacoin is suitable as a global solution for better dental health, it will show with time. The niche occupation of the area of use is limited more likely to clinics and dentists.

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