Bodies found after rescue, kidnapped woman

BOSTON – The American police has a morbid discovery was done after a kidnapped woman by chance was rescued from a car. The authorities discovered the past few days three bodies at the house of the motorist in Springfield (Massachusetts), messages American media.

Agents overmeesterden the suspect almost a week ago after a chase. The 40-year-old man was off and gone, when the police standing wanted to keep because of a broken tail light.

The police took after the arrest of a seriously injured woman in the car. They stated about a month to be detained and raped in the house of the man.

’It is scary’

The authorities claimed then research in at the house of the accused. They discovered several bodies, of which the cause of death has not been determined. The research is still in full swing. Researchers using a ground penetrating radar to locate buried objects.

Local residents react shocked at the find. “If they didn’t see him standing had taken because of the tail light, no one was ever found,” said a 23-year-old woman for the Boston Globe. “It’s scary.”

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