Benedict Cumberbatch saves deliverer of robbers

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch (41) in London, along with a taxi driver fought with four straatrovers, when she was a defenseless Deliveroo-a delivery service together. Below are the four fled.

Multiple eyewitnesses tell to the Sun how the 41-year-old Sherlock Holmes actor out of the taxi, jumped in, where he sat with his wife Sophie Hunter, it ran, and to the robbers, ’let him alone! ” has been called. Then he has the four men of the bloodied victim being pulled, that an attempt did Benedict to save and then click run. They would have tried the bike to steal it. The boy was injured, but didn’t have to go to the hospital.

The concerned taxi driver, Manuel Dias, says the British newspaper: “The driver was lucky, Benedict is a superhero.”

Also tells the driver that he is in the first instance, Benedict Cumberbatch and his wife is not recognized. “I brought Benedict and his wife to a club, but I had not at first by that he was. I rode a street, and there we saw four men that a deliverer belaagden. I loved one of those guests is fixed, and Benedict another. It seemed that he knew exactly what he needed to do. He was very brave and to be honest he has done,” says Manuel.

The 41 actor responded afterwards rather laconic on his heroic deed. “I’ve done it to, well, I had to, you know,” said Cumberbatch at The Sun.

The robbery took place in the vicinity of Baker Street, the road where the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes lives.

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