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BEAT – take Advantage of the hidden value of your health and sports data

Imagine an immutable record of your health and fitness data that connects seamlessly with all the institutions, companies and individuals that can help you use your data and to monetize.

The BEAT of the Ecosystem, which was founded in the year 2015, is exactly that: A world-class Blockchain platform that allows you to keep your data safe and to share these with sponsors, Talent-seekers, doctors, researchers, insurance companies, and many others, the full potential of their data to take advantage of points.

Let’s look at the following diagram to explore the possible uses.

Own and Monetize your data

We think of the BEAT that your data belongs to you, not a company. We are of the opinion that you should be able to, what data you want to with whom to share. Therefore, we are building the BEAT-Ecosystem, in order to give our users the opportunity to sell their information in exchange for a BEAT-Tokens to different health and fitness data to consumers around the world.

In other words, the BEAT-Ecosystem aims to bridge the gap between data providers (daily user of the BEAT platform) and data consumers (enterprises, researchers and advertisers have access to organically created fitness data benefit) in the Fitness industry. Users of the NoExcuse App as well as a variety of other in-house fitness data management Software can decide which data you want to sell for a BEAT Token. Therefore, companies that acquire this data, only access to the specific data points on our users, based on a contractual agreement can access and companies no longer have full access to your health and fitness data.

Health benefits for workers

Many workers today lead an extremely sedentary life, because the working time is usually spent in an office chair in front of the Computer.

In the long term, this leads to losses in terms of productivity, as workers have after a long day in the office chair often find it difficult to focus on your work. Your weakened immune system due to lack of exercise also causes you to miss work because of a sick day.

To counter this, many companies offer now their employees incentives for a frequency to visit the gym.

Hootsuite, for example, integrates Fitness into the everyday work, in which the company sports integrated studios in the office building and sports classes during the working day to organise.

So amazing that may sound, the current Ecosystem allows these companies to analyze the use of the fitness equipment of your employees. Through the implementation of the BEAT-up Ecosystem, companies get the possibility to quantify the working performance of your employees and to reward accordingly. Among the possible rewards of fitness products (for example, running shoes, protein powder) or grants for external fitness studios, which can be made by direct payment by sports clubs in the BEAT Token.

Rewards and challenges

The BEAT-Ecosystem wants to reward users for a Workout in the gym. The Team of magic line GmbH has developed through the hard work of the NoExcuse App. This means that an athlete can download the App and then its sports activities. Thereafter, the athlete will receive, depending on the activity, his BEAT-Tokens. Users can also earn extra BEAT Token by synchronizing your App with over 3,000 magic line-sports club-partners in Germany, as well as via health and Fitness trackers and Wearables, which will allow them to sell their sports data. Once the user has earned enough BEAT Token, he can redeem these tokens at the market places such as or in the various crypto exchanges to sell, in which the BEAT after the end of the Token sale will be listed.

Your data is safe on the Blockchain

We are aware of our responsibility in relation to the data-storage aware, and make sure that your data will not be disclosed under any circumstances to any unauthorized. Specially BEAT developed a System of trust check trusted third party allows for the quality, accuracy, and validity of the data storage.

To collect the data, to check the communication relationships between consumers and providers, to collect data and fitness goods, such as Wearables and fitness devices, as well as their real-world authenticity ensure, use these third parties solely on the Blockchain System.

Through the development of the Blockchain network, we can be sure that the data transactions are transparent and safe, and we continue to ensure their immutability.

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