What Utopiaan may 51,000 euro to the house?

After 4.5 years of 1149 episodes is the first edition of Utopia Friday night at the end. In a final match on television is known who of the five finalists 51,000 euro to home. The finalists are Bass, Demi, Fay, Ivan and Mehmet.

Group photo of the five finalists of the television show Utopia, produced by Talpa Productions. From left to right: Ivan, Bass, Demi, Fay, and Mehmet.

The winner will be chosen via a special points system. Total fall one hundred points to distribute: 5 by the passport holders (subscribers on the livestream), 45 by the viewers, and 50 by the participants themselves. During the finals of the 45 votes of the tv viewers published

Ideal society

In the reality show from SBS6 built fifteen Utopianen from almost nothing their ideal society on a closed area. They started on 31 december 2013, with a hangar and a 10,000 euro cash. That is 51.000 euros in prize money the participants earned at local markets and events.

The program was threatened by the 1st of June this year, final stop, because the lease of the premises was not renewed. At the beginning of april, it was announced that Utopia yet a go-around. On a nearby field, this week the filming of Utopia 2 of start.

The participants of Utopia 2 get it a lot more difficult than their predecessors. They have to survive without pilots, and with just a few wooden planks, 250 euros cash, an old cell phone with 25 euro credit, and a pond with fish.

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