Timmy Simons will continue as trainer

Timmy Simons as assistant of head coach Ivan Leko further at Club Brugge.

Timmy Simons.

The 41-year-old Belgian has recently entered into his long football career. ,,It is fantastic to be so quickly to this step. I’m very excited now on the other hand, my role to play,” said Simons. ,,It’s good to have always close to this theatre group, where we have so many beautiful things achieved.”

The 94-fold international of the ‘Red Devils’ came from last season only sporadically in action for Club Brugge, that champion of Belgium. Simons if in the last league game in the the basis to start, with his arm, the aanvoerdersband that usually belongs to Ruud Shaper.

Simons played in his long career, more than a thousand matches for PSV, 1. FC Nürnberg and especially for Club Brugge.

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