Socialemediaoverzicht: Hazes apparent son of John de Wolf and Irene at the gin

What have the CELEBRITIES this week in their leisure hours? Every week place an overview of the best photo’s that star over the past week have shared.

The book of Kim

Kim van Kooten if Thursday designer Isabel Marant meet and had for this special occasion, a French translation of her book, Darling, is included. “Because I knew that they are a lot of books. And I love her very much, so that was fantastic. But it is bien sûr also uncomfortable, like ” here, please, Isabel Marant, this is a book that I have written, I give it to you unsolicited, but do still but like to read.”

Irene at the gin

Irene Moors celebrates with Gerard Joling’s a nice party, where the drink – as witness the picture – richly will flow. The presenter will share a table filled with bottles with gin. #wehebbenerginin

Forester Geraldine

Geraldine Kemper is the weekend schaarsgekleed in and is for the occasion dressed as the boswacherversie of former lifeguard Pamela Anderson.

Jochem and Eric

Jochem Myjer, together with fellow comedian Eric van Sauers. “The man with the most beautiful diction of the Netherlands and a very funny fellow,” says the comedian.

Daphne in the air

For Daphne Deckers no sappy omelette with a hard bun as vliegtuigontbijt: the writer begins the day with a healthy bowl of fruit.

The invitation of Jan

Bella Hay is a lovely girl with peculiar traits. ‘So wild, but so brittle’. Last year we wrote the song “Bella” with that same Bella Hay in the back of our minds that is now so negative has left us in an interview.
Here is a message from Bella Italia.


Time of placing
15:46 – may 31, 2018

Jan Dulles is responding on Twitter on Bella Hay, who in an interview stated “itching on the shins” is to get all of Their music. The singer of the 3JS invites the singer to a time, a gig to attend of his band.

André de Wolf

André Hazes places a photo of himself next to a photo of football player John de Wolf on Instagram. The resemblance is striking, is also the singer. He writes there: “Hahaha, nice man! From my second with this man at the camping place, you have never trusted ma!”

Dionne in the sun

Dionne Stax celebrates a well-deserved holiday and has a wonderful destination chosen: Puglia, a region in Southeast Italy.


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