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Roberto Martinez denies ‘Matrasgate’ for Red Devils

Coach Roberto Martinez has responded to ‘Matrasgate’. For five players – Matz Sels, Leander Dendoncker, Christian Kabasele, Jordan Lukaku and Adnan Januzaj – there would be no mattress to Russia are sent, and they would thus, in addition to the selection of fall. But Martinez is clear: “There is still no single list of 23 to our logistics partners sent.’

The first question at the press conference was of course about ‘Matrasgate’. Martinez sounded decisive: “There is not much to explain. I can only say that it is not true, ” says Martinez. “That story brings no clarity about who the 23 shortlisted. There is still no list forwarded to the partners who manage the logistics. Stories that other people release… Well, there isn’t much we can do about it.’

Roberto Martinez stressed that the match of tomorrow against Portugal still important in his decision. “There are still many things that the final 23 players to determine. It is a pity that such a info to the fans, the info is not correct. The people are now misinformed. You don’t need a private detective to discover that we are not a list with 23 names have been sent to the partners. Simply call our press officer and he could tell that the story is not correct.”

The case provides for the coach, not for unrest in the camp of the Devils. “If there is a truth in the story that today has come up, then I can understand that you are a very annoying feeling to have as a coach, as a football association. But I repeat once more, that list does not exist. In football, you’ve or simply have to be there to deal with them. Maybe it brings the group closer together. I can only say that the story is not true. There is no list. Simple.’

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