Rajoy saw the storm does not arrive

The former Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, was completely surprised by the score at the vote of confidence in the parliament. Until yesterday, he thought that he was until June 2020, the power would remain.

The afternoon that the Spanish parliament held a debate on the future of Spain, asked everyone where the premier was. Mariano Rajoy was between two and ten in a chic restaurant in Madrid where …

The afternoon that the Spanish parliament held a debate on the future of Spain, asked everyone where the premier was. Mariano Rajoy was between two and ten in a chic restaurant in Madrid where he and a few faithful his last supper as prime minister took.

It is the last week very fast for him gone. The storm, which in a few days, his future ruined, he didn’t see coming. He was just convinced that he is for the most important problems of his country, a solution had been found. After weeks of negotiations he managed to get two opposition parties to convince the budget 2018 in the parliament to approve it. Rajoy’s Partido Popular has with its 134 seats no absolute majority in parliament. On the Catalan front seemed to be a solution in sight. The new Catalan regional president, of quimper and lor Torra, just had a government proposed without ministers suspected of rebellion. Maybe there would finally talk with the Catalan separatists. Prime minister Rajoy probably thought that he was up to the parliamentary elections of June 2020 chiseled was.

He had not expected the large corruptiezaak Gürtel so deep in the sheets of his party would cut, and he has certainly underestimated the hard verdict of the judges, the image of his government would undermine. According to Spanish journalists, the prime minister still believe that to him nothing can be blamed. Based on the verdict of the judges, Rajoy is a lawyer in heart and soul – that his party and his government are not responsible for corruption cases by his party members at the local level have happened. That his party, as an entity, 250,000 euros will have to pay back, he mentions no condemnation.

As a lawyer, he may be right, but as a politician, he was blind to the damage that the verdict him dealt. He was very arrogant about, when he was in a press conference refused to apologies to offer for the corruptieverleden of his party. He was unbelievable, every time he said that he was not aware of the sjoemelpraktijken of the treasurer of the party. It is not in him second up that a party that is so associated with corruption, is not suitable to run the country.

Too much lawyer, not enough politician

Prime minister Rajoy sorry: ex-prime minister Rajoy, because he has this morning the vote of confidence in the parliament lost – was too much lawyer, not enough politician. The way in which the Catalan crisis has done was done legally according to the book, but testified of little statecraft. By his unyielding hard approach he made any dialogue with the separatists is impossible. He was better in the leather gone with our former prime minister Dehaene, who perfectly knew that you only to an agreement can come if you opponent also winning a trophy gives. His European colleagues, he would in vain have asked for the course in Catalonia a little.

The population had also met with prime minister Rajoy. In one of the latest polls, taken before the Gürtelvonnis was felled, said 86 percent of the interviewees that his time was over. Despite his statements about the successful economic policies that his government introduced, saw the majority of the Spaniards, the future bleak.

But Rajoy read the signals. Reportedly, he was, and his party, surprised when gisterennamiddag it became clear that the motion of distrust that the socialists had submitted the end of the government Rajoy would usher in. The christian democrats had assumed that the motion in the parliament on a cold stone would fall. That explains, according to the Madrid journalists, why Rajoy yesterday for several hours in a restaurant spent. He was fully recovering from the shock.

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