Piv Huvluv next week in Tinnenpot Gent

In the context of its fundraising t.v.v. various children’s organisations invites club Kiwanis Gent Artevelde on June 8, stand-up comedian Piv Huvluv with his latest show, ‘Are there any questions? ” in Tinnenpot, Gent.

Piv Huvluv celebrates this season a 20 year career. For 20 years he is the Flemish stages is insecure with his own twist that he gives to everyday observations, mostly from his youth, which he dissects with the precision and ease of the masters in the genre. This coupled with its inseparable platenspelertje and his extensive collection of vinyl that almost in each of his shows up. In ‘Are there any questions? ” answers Piv once and for all on very own way all the questions on him were, and are fired after performances. In addition to his usual turntable (the songs in your head you get for free on top) brings Piv, and this time also a multi-purpose construction to take the action to move and images to enlarge.

Has Oostendenaar Piv Huvluv something with Ghent? Yes, all are new shows to be d’office for the first time getry-out during the Gentse Feesten in Tinnenpot. The recognisability of his humor makes the mood for an irresistible value. The West-Flemish-Gentse fellow comedian Wouter Deprez saw Are there any questions? earlier and posted spontaneously a message on his Facebook page: “It is a very funny show, with Piv in all his natural wittiness. Because I have as much fun children like myself had to go have a look!”. A reviewer of The Standard called him a few years ago ‘the most authentic Flemish comedian’.

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