New single and gold record for Gers Pardoel

The Dutch singer Gers Pardoel is óveral. Not only on the television: after his participation in ‘For the Love of Music’ last year, got a few weeks ago announced that Gers this year in the vtm program ‘The Voice Kids’ will be seated, and this week he was a guest at Gert Verhulst and James Cooke in ‘Gert Late Night’ on FOUR. But also on the radio, because after the singles ‘Ma Cherie’ and ‘Lilac Sheets’ brings Gers are now third song of the album ‘For my Kids’: DOM. And there awaits him a very busy summer and autumn. While the rapper in march, two times the Lotto Arena filled, he stands in the next few weeks the line-up of a lot of summer festivals, including Buitenbeenpop. In november touring Gers by Flanders and Brussels, with an intimate theatre tour.

DOM is after “Ma Cherie” and “Lilac Sheets” is the third song from the album ‘For Kids’, which in October came out. That album was in fact just been awarded gold. While the other songs on the double cd the sensitive side of the Dutch singer show, is DOM a bit more rough. ‘STUPID’ is a raw number with a contagious beat, which Gers raps about his life “before, I had Nikie’s and Fila’s now I have kiddo’s and a villa”, but he also shows that he is still dreaming: “living the fast life, once I have a Lamborgini”.

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