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Monster Cables organized Monster ICO

A 300 million Dollar ICO will come from a well-known cable producer by the name of Monster Cables. The company has already registered with the SEC and, if the ICO is running, it will be one of the largest ICOs ever. “Monster-Money-tokens” will be the currency for a new E-Commerce site called “Monster Money Network”, the company is planning to sell its own products.

Monster ICO

The company was founded in 1978 and manufactures nowadays, electronic devices such as headphones or Bluetooth speakers. Monster Products, Inc. profit is currently not profitable, the $300 million Dollar ICO to change this, however.

It is in the technology industry are nothing New, a ICO to hold to collect capital. However, this is the first consumer product, the collect tried by ICO capital.

The company will sell 500 million Tokens. In an ICO that runs an entire year, to be sold up to 300 million Tokens. They reserve the right to end it prematurely. You will also have to spend 75 million shares of common stock, if the network does not start, you can be in Tokens, exchanged, rather than money to the investors return.


The Monster Money Network is used for “for payment processing, market analysis, accounting, Audit and payroll, warehouse management and shipping”, in relation to online selling Monster products. But above all, you plan for more E-Commerce platforms.

“We see Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba as the main competitors for the Monster Money Network and our existing E-commerce platform.”

Brand recognition and Blockchain

More than half of the funds will be used for the technical development of the network, but about a third of the remainder is intended for the marketing of the new platform, as well as for the development of relations with partners, the Monster will not sell products.

“In the future, Monster will use its global Connections and brand visibility with the Blockchain technology, in order to bring more and more other E-Commerce platforms on the Monster Money Network and to expand the user base of MMNY Token. We hope to establish the Blockchain-the Standard for E-Commerce platforms.“

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