Marco Borsato will give an extra concert in Carré

Marco Borsato gives at the end of this year an extra concert at the Royal Theatre Carré. It is a “special” show on december 5, told the singer Thursday in RTL Late Night. All of the proceeds going to War Child.

“I want to be for War Child a special evening. This year I am twenty years of ambassador, all of the proceeds goes to War Child.” Marco announced already a little bit of what he has in store. “Michaela DePrince is going to do something special that night.” When the cards go on sale, did Marco not. “To that end, everyone must have the site but keep an eye on.”

He closes his successful club tour at Home at the end of this year with four sold-out concerts in Carré. The singer was in 2002 for the last time in the royal theatre. “There were just so many other fun projects in between that time”, said Marco against Humberto Tan. As an example, he named his stadionconcerten. “But now with at Home, that intimate feeling, Carré fits into that atmosphere.”

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