Kim Kardashian: “Thank you for your time, president Trump”

Kim Kardashian is to visit American president Donald Trump. The American realityster would that Trump a 61-year-old inmate release from prison. Therefore, she spoke with Trump about the reforms of the American prison system. According to the realityster it was a fruitful meeting.

No visit of Kim Jong-un for Trump, but of realityster Kim Kardashian. The two would be an hour chatting. The meeting was ‘great’, so tweet Donald Trump. “We have about the prison system and sentencing talk.”

Kardashian wanted to Trump visit to the case of Alice Johnson to to discuss. The 62-year-old woman for more than 20 years in prison for drugsfeiten. Johnson came to own say never in contact with drugs, they gave bad telephone codes by. The meeting with the president would be an hour lasted. On social media from Kim Kardashian and her gratitude for the meeting. “We hope that the president Alice Marie Johnson grace provides.”

Kardashian demands more attention in the media for the case of Johnson, and they also pay the legal costs of the woman. Who expressed her gratitude in a letter. The realityster is optimistic about the future of ms. Johnson, she wrote on Twitter. “We hope that they – along with so many others – a second chance in life.”

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