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Justin Sun: Covert landing on the moon in TRON – The Launch of the Mainnets

In the night of the 31. May the TRON Mainnet went online. After the completion of the test phase, the TRON Team is Great. Up to the age of 25. June can be tested on the Mainnet now – after that, Justin Sun promises a moon landing. The Tron-course (TRX) missed the moon travel so far.

Since tonight is the Mainnet, TRON is live. To bring a particularly important new feature: The previous TRON-Token Tronix (TRX), which are based on the Ethereum ERC-20 Standard, can be exchanged in “real” Token. However, only on 25. June. Then the Genesis Block. Until then, you can test it for errors. A Mainnet Client on Github is available for errors found, it should be up to 100,000 US dollars reward. This test phase of the Mainnets is successful, you can replace the ERC-20 tokens, then counter-Tronix (TRX).

Justin Sun was on Twitter very optimistic. He called the Launch of the Mainnets the “beginning of a new Era”. The objectives are, on the whole put to be optimistic. On Github, the project describes itself accordingly:

“TRON is a project that forms the infrastructure for a truly decentralised Internet. The Tron Protocol, one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world, offers a scalable, widely available, and the huge Support that is the basis for the decentralized applications of the Tron-Ecosystem. […] Develop free Features and incentive systems, developers of Premium Apps to users to allow.“

With the Mainnet the direction of the moon?

To the moon? Justin Sun prepares for the moon landing of TRON

In the presentation, which is available to view on Youtube, voice Justin Sun that you’ve been working twelve hours a day, six days in the week to the current Mainnet. The ambitious goal: TRON wants to overtake Ethereum. Especially in the scalability of the Tron Team to be significantly better than the Ethereum block Chain.

According to the announcement of the Tron network comes with 2000 TPS (transactions per second). In contrast to Ethereum (25 TPS) and Bitcoin (7 TPS) to be the network much more scalable. Justin Sun can (and will hold) his enthusiasm during the presentation of the Mainnets.

He compares the Launch of the Mainnets with the moon landing: “Odyssey 2.0: A small step for TRON, but a big step for the Blockchain” TRON wants to be the “most powerful Public Blockchain in the world.” In addition, the 25. June TRONs Independence Day – at the moment it is also the most popular crypto currency on the Ethereum block Chain.

Tron-rocket in maintenance mode

The Tron-course (TRX) of the planned moon trip so far, nothing seems to get that. Rather, the Tron seems to be rocket still in maintenance mode. With 0,052 euros per Tronix the Tron-course (TRX) is not lost in the last 24 hours is just 5 percent. In the course of weeks, the rate fell to 14 percent, over the month, by as much as 32 percent.

When Ethereum course it looks already a bit better. With a price of 489 euros per Ether he could. in the last 24 hours days 0.35 per cent (as of 31 May, 12:00 PM). Over the course of weeks, the loss at 4.5 percent, over the month at 12,23%.

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