Jans very happy with good relationship with Ajax

FC Groningen has Mateo Cassierra within. The northerners hire the striker for a season of Ajax.

Mateo Cassierra was this season at Jong Ajax is good for 18 goals and 8 assists.

“That we have for an important part thanks to our more than excellent relationship with Ajax at this time,” said manager Ron Jans.

“Like many other clubs, we see a lot of matches of Jong Ajax, where a lot of talent walking around. The name of Cassierra the past season several times in our cases, but we had the feeling that he would not be feasible for us. When we of Marc Overmars were told that FC Groningen are a good option could be, we are with the player in conversation went.”

Jans hopes, with the Colombian finally a scoring striker to have won. There, suspended over the past few years pretty to the people in Groningen.

“Mateo is a boy who is ambitious, wants to develop and therefore is willing to work hard. He is a complete striker, who has proven to score goals. He wants to show itself in the Premier league. We offer him that stage. Usually, we are not in favour of renting, but football is also sometimes of the short-term. We think with Mateo in any case, a year long is a fine striker in the house.”


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