Is vengeance a of Stan Hanne fatal?

With still a month to go before the exciting season finale on Friday 29 June 2018, increases tension in the Family fame. Friday night was for the viewers to enjoy a compelling episode in the sign of the marriage between Stefanie (Jasmine Van Hoof) and Ayo (Adams Mensah). Would those two not their yes-word? That was the big question of where Flanders in the past weeks was doing. Unfortunately, it did not because there popped up a new obstacle. Ayo was at the wrong time in the wrong place and got a beating so he’s not on the town hall himself. The episode ended in any case with a cliffhanger that makes you think of a season finale. “You are still not rid of me”, was the threat that Stan in the donderdagaflevering expressed to the address of his ex Evy (Marianne Devriese) and Martin (Michael Vroemans). They want to make their relationship a chance and decided to go to India in order to attract. A plan Stan so clearly a stick for want to poke. Friday night was in the episode of Family to watch him in a spur of the moment decided to take Evy to drive, at the last minute swerves because he might change your mind and without realizing it at Hanne (Margot Hallemans) on pops. Then they are unconscious on the floor… Is Stan’s vengeance Hanne fatal? There should really be an end to the story of Stan and Evy find the most viewers of Family. But it is still the question of what will happen now? Keeps Stan on the place of the incident or he goes on the run in the hope to get as free from the grip of the police?

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