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Germany gets a sigh of relief: Manuel Neuer is in goal Mannschaft

Manuel Neuer makes Saturday during the practice duel, and against Austria, his long-awaited comeback between the posts at the world champion Germany. That confirmed national coach Joachim Löw on Friday during a press conference at the training camp in the Italian Appiano.

“It’s going well for Manuel. Tonight we speak to each other. If everything is OK, then he is tomorrow from the kick-off in goal,” said Löw.

Neuer missed almost the entire season due to a voetbreuk but was nevertheless included in the German world cup selection. According to Löw, he will no later than Sunday evening (a day before the deadline) to decide whether the final step of Bayern Munich to be fit enough to get to Russia to travel.

Germany Saturday in Klagenfurt, do not rely on Mats tiny toddlers, Thomas Müller and Jérôme Now. They get peace or struggle with blessuurtjes. Toni Duckweed plays nor because he’s extra holiday was given after the Champions League win Real Madrid.

Löw to Madrid? Nonsense!

Löw was at the press conference also the question of whether he is moving to Real Madrid would consider. Florentino Perez, the president of the Royal, it would be him in the visor have to be Zinedine Zidane to follow, that Thursday surprising his departure announced.

“I can completely exclude”, was Löw, who recently released his contract extended until 2022, clearly. “For me, it has absolutely no theme. I’m busy with the world cup. But I don’t doubt that Real a good replacement for Zidane.”

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