German neo-nazi festival may still go ahead

MEININGEN – The court in the German town of Meiningen, the ban on right-extremist rock festival ’Rock against aliens’ removed. The district of Hildburghausen had the festival in Themar (8-9 June) is prohibited because of rare bird species on and around the site to raise their chicks. The court considered the prohibition to be invalid, because there is insufficient evidence that the festival of the natuurbeschermingswetten to transgress. There may still appeal against that decision.

’Rock gegen Überfremdung’ drew last year, all very fresh types to…

’Rock against aliens’ is the largest right-wing extremist rock festival in Germany. Last year, the event attracted around 6,000 visitors from across Europe. Bands and visitors brought the Hitlergroet, cried nazileuzen and played music that is associated with the nazi regime.

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