German justice wants Puigdemont appear in the cell

The German public prosecutor to the German court asked to Carles Puigdemont to deliver to Spain. Pending the Catalan leader to re the cell, one can find.

Carles Puigdemont staying since march 25, in Germany, where he was arrested on the basis of a Madrid-issued European arrest warrant. At the beginning of april, he was allowed to the prison of Neumünster leave, in anticipation of a possible surrender to Spain. He was allowed to move around freely, but Germany will not leave.

But the public ministry of the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein has now asked to Puigdemont again to close. It asks the competent court to the tradition of Catalan in Spain to approve of, and in anticipation thereof, is the vluchtrisico too big, says the.

The final overleveringsbeslissing must be taken by a court in Schleswig-Holstein. That has until now very skeptical comments about the validity of the charges from Madrid. So, the earlier that the charge of rebellion, was insufficient for a surrender to Spain. However, still had to be examined whether the 55-year-old Puigdemont could be handed down for misuse of public money. Thereon is a maximum penalty of 30 years.

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