Friends start support page as well for abused waiter Prague

AMSTERDAM – Friends of the abused waiter Miroslav have a Facebook page created for the Czech to help.

Under the name of ‘Waiter Mirek’, or waiter Mirek, is it possible to support, also financially. ,,We know that many people like to make a donation want to do to help him in this difficult period,” says his friend Jiri Brych, a former detective who over the last days in the Netherlands to do research into the backgrounds of the Dutch terrastuig.

,,That is also desperately needed, because it will probably take a long time before damages can be recovered from the perpetrators. And the Czech republic is not the Netherlands. If you can’t work, you will have almost no money.”

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This page is specifically for Mirek and his family,” says Tomas Briza, another friend of the Czech. He will not be able to work and we want to help him in this terrible situation. We hope he will have his normal life back, and for all of the help we are grateful.”

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The waiter was 21 april by a group of Dutch kopschoppers badly mistreated after they, as the study notes, their own alcoholic drinks and wanted a drink on the terrace of a café in Prague. When Miroslav – usually abbreviated as Mirek mentioned – there what of said, hit the flame in the pan.

With the serious assault, walked to the waiter according to Brych, including a brain hemorrhage. Also he broke his jaw in three places, his eye partly out of and he had a hole in his sleep.

“He is often afraid,” said his friend earlier this week to The Telegraph. “And he has mental health problems, disorders. He was a young man, but feels now like an old man. He can walk and eat, but that’s it. It will still take a long time for he a little recovered. That’s terrible, for him and for his family.”

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