Friend Abdeslam suspicious attacks Brussels

BRUSSELS – A Tunisian friend of the terrorist Salah Abdeslam is officially suspected of participating in the terrorist cell that the attacks in Brussels (march 2016) committed. The federal public prosecutor’s office in Belgium to let you know that the 24-year-old Sofien Ayari in a state of accusation is asked. Abdeslam wait may have the same fate.

Abdeslam and Ayari were in april both sentenced to twenty years in prison for an assassination attempt against agents. She was shot a week before the attacks from a home in the Brussels municipality of Vorst in belgium-the French police force, in which some cops were injured. The Brussels court regards it as a terrorist act.

When the lawsuit over the attacks of march 22, 2016 begins is not yet decided. Three suicide bombers blew themselves when in a metro in Brussels and at the airport in Zaventem. There were 32 deaths.

Abdeslam is regarded as the only surviving terrorist from the attacks in Paris in november 2015.

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