Fans can, this summer, walk around in sets of ‘Friends’

Fans of the roguish New York group of friends from ‘Friends’ need this summer in the United Kingdom. The festival, Friendsfest, with the sets of the wildly popular series, will visit six cities.

Who is always coffee to drink in Central Perk, hang out in Monica’s apartment, to get married in Rachel’s and Ross’ Chapel of Love or the legendary opening tune out, this summer, cross Channel. At Friendsfest can superfans will enjoy. There will be 31 sets to find are from the fictional world of best friends Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey. For the hungry, there is also the typical lasagna and the thirst-quencher of the event is a “pitcher or Margarita’s”.

Comedy Central pulls from the beginning of July until the end september for twelve weeks by the United Kingdom with the festival, along the six major cities: Bristol, Newcastle, Glasgow, Brighton, Manchester and London. The tickets for Manchester and London are already sold out, for the four other cities are still tickets available at the 31 euro.

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