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Facebook: teens hooks are really off

But nearly half of the American teenagers use Facebook. Young people were for a while what bored of the social network, but the figures are much worse than expected.

That young people Facebook no longer hip to find for years regularly observed. Finally, it is a social network where the swarming of the parents, and, increasingly, also grandparents – how cool can that be? Two weeks ago, it appeared the Belgian figures, in the study Apestaartjaren, which revealed that 82% of our teens Facebook use. A relapse compared to 87% from two years earlier. But in the US the situation is already pieces worse.

45% of American youth between the ages of 13 and 17 say that they are ‘almost constantly’ online. But only 51% are still using Facebook. Where they sit do? 85% on Youtube, 72% on Instgram and – quite a surprise – 69% on Snapchat. That Snapchat is already quite ‘past’ is, therefore proves to be a premature conclusion.

Ask your young people what sites they use the most, the result is even more worrisome for Facebook: 35% used the most Snapchat, 32% Youtube, 15% Instagram, and less than 10% say that they have the most Facebook use. The figures come from Pew Research, the authority in this field in the US.

Three years ago, was in the US, yet 71% of the teenagers on Facebook, it goes to a sharp downturn. The only challenger was when Instagram, which is owned by Facebook and not a real threat. Notable: the richer your parents, the less often you are on Facebook. In the least-earning families, used seven in ten young people have Facebook.

The video site Youtube is compared to photo apps like Instagram and Snapchat, surprised maybe a little bit. Youtube has a number of social functions, but is mainly used to go to movies to watch. It is true that many young people have the same idols follow on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

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