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Fabeltjeskrant comes back as a movie

The Fabeltjeskrant comes back, as a movie. From 19 december runs of the movie ‘The Fabeltjeskrant & The Big Dierenbosspelen’ in the Dutch cinemas, and was a distributor, Dutch FilmWorks Friday known.

“The film is a feast for three generations,’ says producer Robin de Levita, ‘one of recognition for all the parents and grandparents, and for the little ones a joyous and exciting introduction of The Fabeltjeskrant.’

Rubinstein Media, The Levita Productions and animation studio Grid have four years of working on the digitisation of the poppenversies of the famous animals from the old television series. Who are the voices of mr. Owl, mrs. Stork, mr. Raven, and Ed and Willem Beaver and other main characters will say, is soon to be published.

With the film is the fiftieth anniversary of the television series celebrated. In total between 1968 and 1992 more than 1600 episodes of the children’s television series created. The program was in 2005 voted the best Dutch children’s tv program of all time.

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