‘Drake makes financial for son’

Drake is the mother of the son he has with porn star Sophie Brussaux financially. That report various sources to Us Weekly.

Earlier this week rapte competitor Pusha T over the boy Adonis, that Drake according to the number secret would keep. The Canadian rapper has indeed never been public statements made about the baby, but according to insiders, he maintains Sophie ever since she was pregnant with her. He might certainly in the short term, have a dna test to do, in order to establish that Adonis really from him.

The triple Grammy-winner it was the beginning of 2017 in Amsterdam spotted with Sophie. Three months later she told TMZ that she was pregnant with the rapper. She has published a text message conversation, according to her, with Drake, in which he asked her an abortion. A spokesperson for the musician had know then that Sophie had given relations with multiple men. The spokesman said that if the child is indeed the Drake would turn out to be, his responsibility would take.

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