Dachshund swells: of worsthondje to meatball

Lymm – A British dachshund has vets for a riddle: the poor creature was completely inflated, so that its slim little head suddenly as round as a football.

’Nothing so bad for a worsthondje to transform into a meatball”, says the BBC, that the owner of the 4-year-old Trevor spoke.

Animal lover Fran Jennings from the English place Lymm tells that she saw her dachshund a very swollen head had been. They switched to the vet, because by now started her loyal friend increasingly difficult to breath. “He looked like a balloon.”

On rontgenbeelden saw doctors that Trevor with each breath more oxygen under the skin held. This gave a lot of pressure on his heart. “The vets had never seen anything like it,” said Jennings. The creature was ’subcutaneous emphysema’.

Also the daughter of Jennings thought it was a crazy sight. “He looked like a fat seal!”. Now they can laugh about it because everything is good come. The vets have Trevor had surgery. Now is the cheerful dachshund back healthy. “He runs excited again behind the chickens… So we see him the most!”

View the video from the BBC here.

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