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Creator of video game Pong death

The American Ted Dabney, who in the beginning of the seventies, the legendary video game Pong launched at the end of last week, age 81, died. Reports that include The New York Times. Dabney was also at the forefront of spelcomputerproducent Atari.

Samuel ‘Ted Dabney founded it in 1972 his company Atari in Silicon Valley. The company played a pioneering role in the development of arcade games and game consoles.

Same year was Pong launched, one of the simplest but also most successful games ever. In that game, a game of table tennis simulated. The players have a small square (the ball) behind a vertical line (the bat) of the opponent.

Of special effects was in that period no question. The most obvious form of animation was a short electronic sound that echoed when you managed with your bat hit the ball.

Dabney stepped in 1973 on at Atari. According to the specialized website destructoid.com he was already in since the beginning of the eighties are no longer active in the information technology sector.

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