Amrabat wants more of Morocco to see

Nordin Amrabat is that Morocco is on the world cup a lot more mature for the day should come Thursday in the practice duel with Ukraine (0-0).

Nordin Amrabat

According to the in the Netherlands born to play football played the Lions of the Atlas, sometimes with a little too much self-confidence. “Occasionally a ball behind the standing leg etc, that must look like. Sloppy losing the ball in a big game giving up a goal pose. We need more business-minded go play.”

The 31-year-old Amrabat was during the duel with the Ukraine on a whopping three positions: right back, a striker and right-winger. “I would if one of the two striker to start, but the trainer decided at last to me as a fullback, according to the rechtspoot in conversation with FOX Sports.

Amrabat seems to be under national coach Hervé Renard zekerheidje. In each system, the former player of PSV and Galatasaray from the feet. “The past few days we have at the 3-5-2 system worked. Normally we play 4-3-3, but the trainer wants to make a new variant that cut.”

Amrabat, who last season Watford was leased to the Spanish Leganes, know why. “I think that our group has to do. Spain and Portugal are world. Against Iran, I am assuming that we are in the trusted system will play.”

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