Yannick Noben wins The Humorklas 2018

23ae0fc73f779d78a1161f35ffbe0268 - Yannick Noben wins The Humorklas 2018

Wednesday night was the finals of The Humorklas 2018 of Radio 2. The three finalists Amelie Albrecht (Dendermonde), Elias Van Dingenen (Gent, belgium) and Yannick Noben (Diepenbeek) competed for the title of Best Student of The Humorklas of Radio 2 in the cultural centre De Werf in Aalst.
The three finalists were judged by a jury consisting of Urban, Maaike Cafmeyer, journalist Karel Michiels, Han Coucke and Radio 2-nethoofd Jan a Flop. In the end it was Yannick Noben with the honorary title went to walk away. He was awarded as the Best Student of The Humorklas 2018.

In the jury report that was read by chairman of the jury of Urban, said: “Yannick has a good podiumpresence, a powerful voice, a strong interaction with the audience, he is very funny and has a deep bottom. In his hilarious piece was also a message: we must not complain. And it was not his time, then he may now have yet to tell.”

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