Wouter Vandenhaute is getting into cyclo-cross

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Flanders Classics is getting into the cyclocross. The world cup is now in the hands of Wouter Vandenhaute and his family. What is the objective? ‘To the cross sportive and commercial continue to build.’ And also: to be armed for the revolution that is coming. That writes The Tomorrow. The first contacts between Vandenhaute and the people of the Superprestige date back a number of years ago. The boss of the Flanders Classics had the chance to cross, but the time was not ripe. The past few months turned out to be the opportunity is still there. “I’m proud that the world cup is now a part of the Flanders Classics. This is the regelmatigheidscriterium with the largest past and the most prestige. The road racing and cyclo-cross in Flanders, a rich history, and that piece of history and we try now to bring together.”

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