“Who Is The Husband Of Wendy comes back

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Wendy Of Mittens go back on looking for a man. At least, not on the shelves yet. The love between her and French is still very large. “Who Is The Husband Of Wendy is coming back as a theatrical performance.

James Cooke makes a theatre production a play about the reality that 12 years ago was broadcast on VTM. It was then Wendy ‘Franske’ know. Wendy Of Mittens plays itself the role of Wendy: “It is the first time that it happens. An adventure that I dare to go because James Cooke, the producer. I learned to know him better on the boat during Gert Late Night and got along very well between us.” Previously, Cooke al parodies ‘Farmer Seeks. Woman’ and ‘The Buurtpolitie’. The Buurtpolitie-actor Andy Peelman also get a place in the show. The story starts when Wendy is on her choice has made. Under pressure from her manager, she chooses a brave man (Karel Deruwe), while they are actually for a handsome, young guy. Peelman will play the role of bink. A new role and a reconciliation with her son Dylan, it’s Wendy for the wind. “Private come to rest, makes the professional even easier. My career goes up and down, but I thoroughly enjoy. Everything out of life, that is important. New challenges continue to take up keeps you young,” she says to The Newspaper. Also read: Wendy reconciled with eldest son

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