Who gets the last finaleticket of 2 Star Restaurant?

Roel Vanderstukken & Kürt Rogiers are the first finalists of 2 Star Restaurant. The culinary battle knew the past few weeks, over half a million viewers, to captivate, accounting for 26,8% of the market share (VVA 18-54, live+delayed). Against whom to compete Roel & Kürt next week for the victory? That is on Thursday 31 may 2018 clear. Herman & Jacques and Marie & Andy are going in a straight fight the battle to the last finaleticket. To Sergio Herman and reviewer Willem Asaert, one of the most respected culinary journalists of our country, to determine who that opstrijkt.

Not only the visit of Sergio and William provides the necessary stress. The duo will for the first time and 3 full-services need to be running for a total of up to 150 persons. Among them Ghent mayor Daniel Termont, and Hermans wife, Petra, who comes to cheer. “This is the ultimate test to see whether we hold in a pub that vollenbak running,” concludes Herman. “Herman is a chef,” says Petra assured. “We were ever together in a restaurant to start, and perhaps that seed today is planted.”

But for them the victory can dream, the duo’s first reviewer Willem Asaert defy. He is both in Ghent and Mechelen pleasantly surprised by the entrees that are served. Meanwhile, demands in the kitchen of Herman the solution of KoeCook, the risotto, all the attention. Can his eye for detail, the reviewer, also with the main course satisfied? In The Pescetarian seem the cooking times of some of the ingredients Marie in trouble. They will Willem Asaert, so you will need to convince with her surprising pescotarische flavors.

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