What have Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump said to each other?

Realityster Kim Kardashian and the American president have ‘a great meeting’. But what are the two exactly?

Realityster Kim Kardashian is rarely in the news with a political statement, but the U.s. has more critical concerns about the American prison system and the punishment. During her meeting with the American president, they have about justice and punishment are spoken.

Kim Kardashian hoped for a presidential pardon to obtain for Alice Marie Johnson. They run for a longer time action to the 62-year-old free get. The woman is currently already 21 years in a prison cell and is lifelong condemned.

Johnson is behind bars because of her involvement in drug trafficking. The woman would say never have come in contact with drugs. They would only call codes, passed in the drugssmokkelnetwerk. The woman has repeatedly indicated regret of her actions and points to some dramatic events that made her have driven. They would in a short time, her husband, son and job lost.

News channel CNN reported that the meeting about one hour lasted. The Us president expressed on Twitter are goedbevinden about the encounter. So he posted an official photo of both of them and he talked about ‘a great meeting’. Kim Kardashian himself had a good feeling about the discussion: “We are very optimistic about Alice Marie Johnson and hopeful that they – and many others – a second chance.’

‘Only Kim that he could get’

American media laugh heartily at the meeting. The populist New York Daily News thus, in holland today on its front page on ‘the one and only Kim that he could get’, referring to the possible meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Previously went to rapper Kanye West, the husband of Kim Kardashian, on the coffee by Donald Trump. The two say ‘already friends’. The rapper had several times already, know fan of the American president.

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