Vin Diesel gets after 30 years later, diploma

Thirty years after his early departure from university, Hunter College, has Vin Diesel Wednesday, still a bull received from the educational institution.

Vin Diesel

The Fast & Furious actor spoke at the graduation ceremony of the university in New York, and received after expiry of the vice-chancellor of an honorary degree. “You have proven that a smart, determined child of the street from New York on his way to the top.”

Vin Diesel studied in the 80’s three years at Hunter College, but left then to Hollywood for an acting career to pursue. He told in his speech that he always proud about the university has spoken. “I told everyone that I was so learned from my experience here. I was young, I was a bouncer and if I don’t work did, I sat here in the lecture hall with the most diverse student body in the world.”


When his Hollywoodcarrière not of the ground, and turned Vin back to New York. He used the schrijflessen that he was at Hunter College had followed to his own scripts to pens, as recounted in his speech. He wrote an autobiographical short film about the struggles of an actor with a mixed ethnic background. The film, Multi-Facial, kicked it to the Cannes film festival, after which the career of the actor began.

“Here you learn to overcome everything,” said Vin in his speech. “That will take you into the world. With the dignity, pride and willingness to fight can you even Hollywood change.”

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